Do any of you have awesome friends? The ones who are the family we choose, who we don’t have to speak with everyday to pick up exactly where we left off. When I lived in Denmark, there were ten volunteers at the school, including myself, and we quickly became family. Two of them are from Serbia, Tatjana and Nash. A few days after I bought my plane ticket, Nash put on our Facebook group that he was getting married in Serbia on July 24. My ticket was for July 11 and I excitedly Nash that I’d be there for his wedding. I got to Novi Sad a day or so before the wedding to explore the area. The wedding was beautiful and although I hadn’t seen Nash or Tatjana in four years, it was as if I had seen them only days before. A day or so after the wedding, I took a bus up north to Kikinda where Tatjana is from and spent a day with her before continuing my trip.