Galway Girl

I have about a week and a half before I fly home and naturally, I’ve been thinking about what’s going to happen next. How to navigate the normality of a job and a place to live, not having to repack my clothes every few days, having a closet. I don’t want life as I currently…… Continue reading Galway Girl

Fear; an Intro

I type in “Fear Quotes” on Pinterest and one of the first quotes that pops up goes a little something like this; “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” I smile knowingly, glance up briefly from my iPad and shake my head.The edge of fear is standing on a cliff, miles…… Continue reading Fear; an Intro

To The Stars

I walked into Trinity Church in NYC, not planning to spend much time, fully intending to spend only a few minutes then find a way into the graveyard to say hello to the Hamilton’s and leave. That didn’t happen. Cathedrals are fascinating. Maybe because I grew up in a church group that didn’t have cathedrals. …… Continue reading To The Stars