When In Rome

“When in Rome, do as the Romans. I have no excuse not to eat really good Italian food. All the time. Which means pizza, pasta and gelato everyday. And Romans, well they get to eat Italian food all the time.”Walking along my first day in Rome, I began thinking about the phrase “When in Rome,”…… Continue reading When In Rome

Pain Into Promise

There’s something quite soothing about Athens. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe I’m actually settling into myself post Starbucks. Maybe it’s the sun. Maybe the air here breathes new life into everyone who needs it. Whatever it is, I’ll take it, open hearted. The variations of streets, from wide, straight and noisy…… Continue reading Pain Into Promise

The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful [A Post in 2 Parts, Part 1]

[Disclaimer: Because of Sunday's post and my traveling tomorrow, this week's posts are going to be together]Traveling means learning how to communicate in new ways. It means charades, wild gestures and pieces of paper or calculators to communicate numbers. It's going back to the basics of simple communication, of "This is what I'm trying to…… Continue reading The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful [A Post in 2 Parts, Part 1]