What I love about travel is it takes me to the basics. It strips away the need to be right and replaces it with a calm assurance of what is. It’s education in one of it’s purest forms, of striving to be better in the difficult, of finding the positive in everything simply because it’s there.

The first photo I ever took was of my parents at an animal park. They handed me a camera and sat on a bench with the instructions to point the camera at them and stay still. I had various cameras through grade school and high school, all point-and-shoots, one film and the rest digital. Eventually, dad got a Nikon d90 and I promptly started using it whenever I was home. One summer, he said if I chopped and stacked a bunch of wood, he’d pay me by giving me the camera. From there, the rest is history.

Photos tell a story when words fail and a truth that can’t be distorted. I’m striving to tell the stories of those who can’t. Life as it happens in it’s natural state can make all the difference. When I’m not behind a camera, I’m drinking coffee, looking into the next trip, or writing a new story.

Through this site, I strive to share a journey that I’m blessed to be on and share what I’ve seen.

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