The Balance of What Has Been, What Is, and Could Be

When I was young, I had a tutor to help me learn how to read and write better.  I was homeschooled and had trouble with some of the combination of letters and what sounds they made.  Mom asked one of the other moms in our homeschool group to come over and help while mom gave her daughter piano lessons.  Once I figured it out, the library was one of my favorite places to go and I would spend hours after school reading on the couch.  I started writing for myself when I was ten, mostly about boys, but it was just for me and the paper would never judge me.

The first photo I took was of my parents around the age of six or seven.  We were at an animal park and they wanted to have their picture taken.  They sat down and handed me the camera with the instructions to make sure I could see them both and to be very still.

The relationship between what has been, what is, and what could be is the balance I strive to find in the viewfinder of my Nikon and the blank pages of my notebooks. It’s a journey of self-seeking and finding the truth that we all speak and being able to share that truth with others.

Please note: all photos are my own unless otherwise stated