The Good, The Bad, The Beautiful [A Post in 2 Parts, Part 1]

[Disclaimer: Because of Sunday's post and my traveling tomorrow, this week's posts are going to be together]

Traveling means learning how to communicate in new ways. It means charades, wild gestures and pieces of paper or calculators to communicate numbers. It's going back to the basics of simple communication, of "This is what I'm trying to say, as easily as possible." So often, we forget how to communicate simply. We like to be flowery in our words, complicated and we end up saying way to much. Sometimes, it's necessary, other times, not so much.

Budapest: I probably didn't see as much as I could have in Budapest but I saw what I needed to see. My first full day, I walked along the Danube and took some pictures. There's a memorial to the victims of the Second World War who were made to stand on the banks and shot into the river [Shoes on the Danube]. It was simple yet so powerful. I spent much of the evening and next few days researching and trying to find ways to shorten my trip but still experience what I wanted to. A lot of processing happened in Budapest. My last full day, I walked to the other side of the river and hiked up to the Citadel of the city. It was gorgeous! The view was amazing from the top, the city spread out bellow. At one point, I came across a large pool that people were putting their feet in and it was so refreshing to sit with my feet in the water.

Novi Sad: On the train to Novi Sad, I learned that the guy who activated my Eurail pass activated it incorrectly. I got a two month pass with 10 travel days in those two months and he put the wrong ending date for the pass. Which means I need to go down to Belgrade at some point to try and sort out my ticket at the aid office. My first night in Novi Sad, I walked up a hill to the fortress with a two people staying in my hostel to watch the sunset. Back at the hostel, we talked a while with the guy working the desk and tried elderberry Fanta (it's really good, btw). The next day I went to a small beach along the river (also the Danube) but didn't stay very long. I ended up going to get food with another guy who joined our room, Ian. The next day was Nash's wedding. Ian and I went to an actual beach for a few hours and then I walked to the wedding. It was beautiful! I haven't seen Nash or Tatjana since we left Denmark 4 years ago. The girl Nash married, Aila, is very nice and beautiful. There was food, dancing, games. It was awesome! I spent the next day relaxing and trying to rehydrate. Yesterday, I went to Kikinda, Serbia to stay with Tatjana for the night and see the town. We went out to an artist colony where they make sculptures from terra which they get from the local area. It was quite fascinating [Check out to see some of the work]! Soon I am headed to Belgrade then on to Athens.

Stay tuned!


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