I’ll See You On The Other Side

There are many satisfying things in the world. Slow dances, warm rains, flowers, new chap stick. I’ve always been satisfied by travel and it’s no secret. I’ve been across the Atlantic several times on different journies and come back more than satisfied. The only unsatisfing piece? Not knowing when I’ll go back again.  For some, travel is exhausting. The lines, the waiting, the uncertainty, the letting go, trusting our lives into the hands of others.  And it is tiring. I love it. I love that I can fall asleep almost anywhere. I love fitting my life for however long into a bag. I love the chance to move, to see, to do, to meet, to change my perceptions. And yes, as I sit here in the airport, tears threaten to cloud my eyes, making pools in tear ducts, waiting for a chance to break the surface. But that’s a part of any journey. Leaving behind someone that was for someone new and improved. Someone who see’s the world in a new way. If you’ve ever heard of the musical Hamilton, there is a song. Hamilton is talking with Burr right after Hamilton’s wedding. They’re talking about women and the war and they tell each other they’ll see each other on the other side of the war. I’m off to fight, not with a gun, but with courage and strength, patience and endurance. And while I know I’ll be taking you with me, I won’t get to see you or my home till we reach the other side. So, dears, I’ll see you on the other side.

2 thoughts on “I’ll See You On The Other Side

  1. So beautiful. I am touched reading this. You know we are all cheering you on in your endeavors! You’re such a dreamer and it’s the best thing about you…other than your laugh. ☺️


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