Carpe Diem, Right?

It’s time to seize the day. To stop sitting around, waiting for life to hand me the good stuff. To stop expecting that if I just do what I think I’m supposed to do, because society has told me so, that I’ll get where I want. Happiness is what we create it to be, what I create it to be.  I’ve been dreaming of traveling since I went to Poland on a bell tour, Sophomore year in high school. Living in Denmark for ten months in college was unreal. I met people who became family, ate pizza with spaghetti on it, went on my first solo trip (even if for a week). Got sunburned in Rome. Experienced things I didn’t think I would. But did because I made the decision to go out and do something about my indecision. To do something about my dream of traveling and doing it in a way that allowed me to stay safe and useful. Yet the dream hasn’t faded. There is still a burning desire in me to see the world because I know I haven’t seen enough. So I’m going again. Actually getting on a plane and jetting off to far off places. I leave July 11 from Boston and I fly into Copenhagen. To the country that treated me so well the first time around. For three months I’ll be spending some time in countries that I’ve only seen in photographs and my dreams. Spending time eating the food, seeing the sites, becoming grounded again through the turmoil of relying only on myself. Then a month stepping in the rest of the continents (save Antartica), Africa, Asia, Australia, South America. Then home in time for Thanksgiving.  Life is what I create it to be and I can’t sit around any longer.


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